Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Good "ol Fashioned Christmas Wrapping Party" and Brooke's Bachelorette!

Yesterday was soooo much fun! I went to OKC to the 3rd annual "Good "ol Fashioned Christmas Wrapping Party" and then to my friend, Brooke's, bachelorette party!

What's a "Good "ol Fashioned Christmas Wrapping Party" you ask? Well it's a fun Christmas party my friends and I started a few years ago. We all get together a few weeks before Christmas to wrap all of our gifts. We each bring wrapping paper, ribbon and anything else we can thing of and share it all. That way we get to use lots of different types. :)

Here's a picture of my finished gifts for this year.

I wanted to share a picture of Brandy's Christmas tree with some of her gifts. She had a TON of gifts to wrap so this is just the beginning :)

This is Brandy's little dog, Murphy. Isn't he cute? He helped us wrap our gifts. He basically just inspected them to make sure we were doing a good job. :)

After the wrapping party I went downtown to meet up with Brooke and her friends for her bachelorette party!!! Brooke and I grew up together and lived together for a while in college. We had so much fun. Her bachelorette party was great! I know cameras are kind of frowned on at these sort of things so I don't have many pictures but there are a few I wanted to share.

This is the bride to be all dressed up with her sash and feather boa! Last week as a single girl!!

I had to share this picture for the girls who were at the party. We went to the piano bar downtown and this guy was having too much fun! I really wish you could see his shirt in this picture. It had a wolf on it...he was definitely "team Jacob"!

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