Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Super Fans

Thanks right- we've been super fans lately! Justie FINALLY got to go to an OSU game with me and boy did we get our money's worth.

I met up with Tyler for a little tailgating before the game. It was crazy to walk around with him in his "outfit". We could feel the eyes on us the whole time. I snapped this shot right before he had to head into the stadium. Before he left this spot he was asked to take a picture with some kids. So fun!

Tyler also got on the "kiss cam" during this game! I'm not sure who the girl was next to him but he was a gentleman and gave her a cute kiss on the forehead :)

Check out all that orange!

This was the score at half time...BLOWOUT! It started to rain during half time so we decided to head to a friend's house and have some supper.

That wasn't the only game we got to enjoy. Tuesday after work we drove to OKC to watch the Binger-Oney Lady Bobcats in the state tournament.

Could you imagine my blog with a camera like this?!

The game had been rescheduled twice due to weather. As you can see the weather couldn't have been much better for the game!

We won!!!! Congratulations Lady Cats :) Justie and I joked that they had a "turkey"- this was their 3rd time in a row to win the championship.

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  1. I think it's funny that you called it a turkey! A few months back, I told Sam that I'm nicknaming Mindy's third kid Turkey (you know, since their last name is Bowling :).