Thursday, November 3, 2011

Homecoming and Halloween

Last weekend we got to enjoy some more time in Stillwater! Justie got back from his trip just in time for Homecoming. I wasn't very successful in getting pictures of the trip but I did manage to come up with a few.

Justie wasn't able to make it to walk-around so I snapped this picture for him. If you haven't ever been, 1. you must go and 2. it's CRAZY busy. That's my best excuse for the lousy picture quality. This house dec was really neat and I thought Justie would like the plane.

(visit my friend, Courtney's blog for better pictures :)

I called it a night a little early on Friday so I could be sure to get in some quality tailgating on Saturday! These were our tailgating buddies: Kayla, Joey, Brooke (Kayla's very best friend) and Cameron (Brooke's boyfriend). They are such a good time!

After the football game we all went to Lucille's in Mulhall for dinner. You can find more info on this awesome restaurant at You should check it out! They have the coolest beer dispenser I've ever seen. It's really hard to explain but I'll give it my best shot and hopefully the pictures will tell the rest.

There are two dispensers on the bar and each one has two "spouts". The spouts don't pour beer down like all the rest. They shoot the beer up into the glass so there's no foam on top! The glasses (actually plastic cups) have a hole in the bottom surrounded by a magnetic ring. There's another little round magnet inside the cup that lifts up as you push the cup onto the dispenser then when you pull the cup off it closes.

We spent Halloween at Kayla and Joey's passing out candy while they took Will trick-or-treating. Before we left I decided to dress Sidney up in an old bumble bee costume I had. She was cute walking around in that little tutu.

Then Justie put it on..... not so cute. Have you ever seen a bee with chest hair? And yes, those are pleather tights he's wearing. They came from my Aunt Betty...don't ask.
Last night Sami invited Kayla and I over for a new tradition of cooking and watching Top Chef. We made Kayla's Chicken Picatta- so good!


  1. I remember the bumble bee costume! Too funny on Justie. Not so sure I'd want to put Aunt Betty's pleather tights on though!!