Saturday, December 3, 2011

Little boys, Big boys, and Thanksgiving!

I'm a little late on some of the things in this post but better late than never!

I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Oney this year. Justie was off flying out of Miami so we had to celebrate together a little earlier in the week. We missed him on Thanksgiving day but it was great to see my family. My Mom, Dad, Mema, Tyler, Aunt Carol, Jenni and baby Will were all there.

Mom found a link on the Chinet website that has instructions on folding napkins into fun designs. I used one of the patterns to fold our napkins into turkeys!
I didn't take too many pictures while I was home but here's one of my Dad and Mema. Dad looks a little tired...probably because he had been playing with my cousin's baby, Will. (more on him a little later) We call Dad the "baby whisperer". He is wonderful with kids....they love him!

Here's Mom slaving away in the kitchen. :)

Here's little Will- not to be confused with "big Will". Little Will is my cousin Jenni's son. He was so cute in his little Thanksgiving shirt.
Thanksgiving take two took place in OKC. My family went to my Aunt Rhonda's house to do a little more celebrating. We had a pretty big crew: My Aunt Cindy and Uncle Don came up from Ft. Worth, TX and my cousin Rodney, his wife Erin and their baby Carson were there too. We stayed Friday night then Saturday all the men went to the OU game while the girls went shopping!

Here's a picture of little Carson with my Aunt Cindy. She was comparing his foot to a boot his daddy used to wear when he was a baby. :)

Here's "big Will". He turned 4 on November 29th! He had so much fun decorating his birthday cake. Here he is with his Daddy who, might I say, makes a pretty awsome "Matter" on cakes!

Will added his artisit touch and this was the final product pre-candles.

Since I haven't blogged in a while I'm just going to have to add these last to random pictures...

On his way back to Stillwater after Thanksgiving Tyler was in a wreck on I35. We are all so thankful that he was alright. His truck took a bit of a beating though.

On a much lighter note... we had girls night at my house the week before Thanksgiving. Sami, Kayla and I were pretty proud of our meal! I love hanging out with those girls. :)

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  1. Thansk for all your help with Wills Birthday Party!! We do make a mean pizza!!!!