Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Honeymoon!

Justie and I just got back from our Honeymoon in Riviera Maya, Mexico Sunday night. After a full Monday of resituating our house, picking up the animals (thank you Kayla and Sami), cleaning the shoe polish of my windshield and doing laundry, I ran out of time to post. But no worries, nothing can keep me from my new blogging fun!

We stayed at the El Dorado Royal. I would absolutely recommend it! We had the best time being spoiled rotten :) This picture is what we saw as we went through the lobby and stepped into the resort.

I wish I would have taken a few more pictures of our room, it was really nice. It had a big four post bed with those curtain things (not sure what they are even called) and a jacuzzi tub. In the morning we would go out on the balcony while Justie had his coffee that came with the wake up call :) The first night we were there they had this waiting on the bed for us and a bottle of champagne!

Here's a picture of Justie on the beach. I think we could have taken pictures everywhere we looked. It was just beautiful! I really like Justie's "tourist" shirt and linen pants. He definitely looked the part :)

Here's one of the pools we spent some time in. That building is actually a restaurant with a swim up bar! Most of the buildings there looked similar to this one.

I'm including this picture for two reasons: 1. I really like the picture of us and 2: it was taken by our new friends from Canada! We just randomly asked them to snap this picture and we ran into them EVERY day :) They were so fun and Justie and I are talking about taking a trip to see them soon.

This is us later that same night, we ate at this "culinary theater". Unfortunately they were short a chef so we didn't get to watch them make our food on those big screens but we still had a wonderful time. All of the food there was sooooo good. Well, except for the one of the last meals Justie had. He ate raw octopus without knowing it! Didn't settle too well in his tummy but he was a trooper.

The only excursion we took was to Xel-Ha. It's the worlds largest aquarium. Here's a picture of the water... we just rented some snorkel gear and took off :) It was really fun and the crowds made us appreciate the resort even more!

I'm so glad Justie woke me up early one day to go watch the sun rise. We got so many beautiful pictures but I decided to post this one so you can see the giant sand bags in the water. They were a bit of an eye sore but they made the snorkeling great! There were no big waves and no scary creatures :) Isn't that sky beautiful?

These last two pictures are from our candlelight dinner. I've never been in such a romantic spot! There was a man playing the saxophone, waves crashing in the background, great food and amazing scenery. Oh, did I mention my date was pretty awesome too? :)

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