Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This past weekend we celebrated....a lot :) My "baby" brother turned 21 (ahhh!), OSU played Tulsa and my birthday is coming up too!

I would not be a very good blogger if I didn't share this picture. This is the gift we got for Tyler to wear to the OSU games. Be on the lookout for him on TV. He's a paddle person this year so I'm sure he'll get lots of air time! Oh....but this isn't's my Dad!!
Didn't Mom do a great job of decorating for the party? It's so fun to celebrate birthdays with my brother!

Justie was busy with training so I had to find some replacements for "grill master". These two did a great job! As a side note... see that guy holding the tongs? He's going to be a Dad any minute now!!! He and his wife are at the hospital right now. :)

I wanted to include some pictures of everyone at the party but we never got a group shot so here are some I wanted to share. I like the pictures but really I want to prove to Justie that all these people were at our house! When I told him who all was coming he asked "what, did you tell them I wouldn't be there or something?" Truth is I did! Guess it was just a really great weekend to throw a party :)

This last picture isn't very good but it's my proof that we did in fact go to the OSU/Tulsa game! We didn't get there until after midnight because of the delay. None of us had tickets but they didn't seem to care at that hour. :)

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